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About VisitorSIM project

Frequent travels abroad, got us to realize that mobile services outside EU can be really expensive and Wi-Fi hot spots still not handy enough for the needs of young always connected travelers.

Trough our worldwide network of friends we came to conclusion that situation goes both ways, and that mobile services are also expensive for travelers visiting Slovenia.

Working in mobile industry has led us to create VisitorSIM prepaid mobile Internet package tailored to needs of always-connected traveler.

About 2Mobile d.o.o.

2Mobile d.o.o.
Mobile marketing & solutions

We are here to bring your mobile strategy to life.

2Mobile team offers cutting-edge mobile services, supported by more than ten years of experience in mobile industry. Our goal is to provide mobile solutions that boost corporate sales and bring greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our latest project with mobile operator Simobil demonstrates our passion for travels and together we have created VisitorSIM, for every visitor in Slovenia to enjoy.

Company address:

2Mobile d.o.o.
Glinškova ploščad 18
1000 Ljubljana

Office address: Verovškova cesta 55, 1000 Ljubljana