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VisitorSIM service ended on 07.09.2018.

What is VisitorSIM?

What are the advantages of the VisitorSIM plan?

Can I use data transfer on other networks?

Can I use voice service and SMS/MMS?

How can I check my remaining balance?

How to begin using the VisitorSIM plan?

Do I need to activate the SIM card before using the VisitorSIM?

How do I set the APN profile settings manually?

What is the APN setting?

Can I use applications for VoIP calls, such as Skype, Viber?

What SIM cards size do you have?

Can I use the same SIM card with different devices?

Does the VisitorSIM support international roaming?

Can I use tethering hotspot feature?

Do I need to return the VisitorSIM card?

Are there any limitations regarding delivery date?

Where can I purchase VisitorSIM?

What payment methods are available on the online store?

Is it possible to cancel my VisitorSIM card order or get a refund for my order?

I haven't received an order conformation email.

Is it possible to change delivery date or other relevant information after ordering the VisitorSIM card?

Is there any delivery fee?

Can you deliver on the holidays?

Can you deliver to any other countries?

What do I need to pick up the VisitorSIM at the airport?

Where at the Airport can I pick up my VisitorSIM?

VisitorSIM service ended on 07.09.2018.


How can I make calls or send text messages on my VisitorSIM card?

What are the methods of topping up my VisitorSIM prepaid account?

How do I check the balance of my VisitorSIM prepaid account?

How to purchase new data allowance?

What is the validity of my prepaid account?

Where can I complain regarding issues with my VisitorSIM service?